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Wild Roots opened in June of 2017 with a mission to help the folks of Saint Petersburg, FL, add more green to their lives. Our concept was to provide a serene, welcoming environment where customers can browse for plants and learn how to successfully incorporate them into their homes. We have since expanded our inventory to include a curated selection of locally made goods and branched out into sharing our space as a creative studio for workshops, photo shoots and special events.


Aloe there! I’m Amanda Hill, owner/plant lady at Wild Roots.

Growing up in the sticks of North Central Florida, nature was both my playground and my greatest teacher. With 18 acres of wilderness in my backyard, adventure was never more than a few steps away.

My botanical education started early, thanks to my parents, who were both horticulturalists. Some of my most treasured childhood memories are tagging along with my Dad in greenhouses and cruising around my mom’s nursery in a golf cart, playing in the dirt and soaking up their seemingly endless plant knowledge.

Although I inherited my parents’ shared love of growing things at a young age, my decision to turn that passion into a career came a bit later.

I was staring down the end of my twenties, working as a copywriter for a marketing agency, when I lost my Dad to cancer. The year that followed was the most trying, unstable one of my life.

One of the few things that brought me peace during this difficult time was getting my hands dirty. The back patio of my one-bedroom apartment in the city was a far cry from the epic gardens of my youth, but as I slowly turned it into my own private jungle, I found myself reconnecting with my roots and smiling again. Something told me my Dad was smiling too.

It is often said that plants make people happy. I know this to be true. That’s why I decided to quit my desk job and create my ultimate happy place: a plant shop!

Working with plants is a pretty sweet gig, but the best part is getting to share my happy place with you, the customers who make it all possible. It is my sincere pleasure to pass along my knowledge and lifelong love of plants, from my wild heart to yours.

Wild Roots is an independent, woman-owned small business. Keepin’ St. Pete weird since 2017.

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Our Mantra

“Stay wild” is an expression you’ll come across often around here. It’s a simple reminder to be true to yourself and never stop following your heart.

Photo by McNeile Photography Mural by Leo Gomez



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